Liquid Wizard

Liquid Wizard: Like stalking past unquarried mounds of honeydew and watermelon and stopping to lay a hand on the barbed skin of a durian. You don’t know precisely where it’s from and it appears, at first glance, to be more effort than it’s worth. But you’ve read on the Internet that it’s meant to be good. So why not?
This is Liquid Wizard—the overwrought supermarket produce section metaphor of the literary and design world.
When we’re not writing press releases for lustrously illustrated longform essays, we spend our time reviewing reviews. You know, important stuff—like reviewing Tripadvisor and Chemist Warehouse user reviews for Antarctic research stations and fish oil pills, among others.
But as seems to be the nature of all our projects, the absurd has a way of finding its way towards gravity and meaning.