Publishers are looking for fresh, original Australian voices and powerful storytelling. They see the NT as one of the greatest, largely untapped sources of unique stories, people and perspectives in Australia. And they’re right; there’s no shortage of literary talent here! At the moment there are more than 50 published authors living in the Territory – Rod Moss, Barry Jonsberg, Nick Bland, Joanne van Os, Jo Dutton and Marie Munkarra to name a few.

But to reach that level, Territory writers are faced with seemingly insurmountable challenges of distance, isolation, language and technological barriers. Finding a way to attend workshops and work with industry professionals can seem like a bridge too far…

At the NT Writers Centre we are working hard to support Territory writers and provide them with professional skills development, as well as access to editors, agents and publishers. And that’s where you come in. 1.5 EFT staff and government funding only goes so far. If you would like to help give a leg up to emerging NT writers, consider donating to the NT Writers Centre this End of Financial Year.

Additionally, the NT Writers’ Centre also runs the much-loved NT Writers Festival. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the delays arising as a result of them, this year’s Writers Festival has incurred more expenses than ever before while also facing significantly less box office revenue than in previous years.

As a Deductible Gift Recipient on the Register of Cultural Organisations ALL donations to the NT WRITERS CENTRE are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Please show your support.

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