One to One Mentoring with Mary Anne Butler


“In a single conversation, she gave me the courage and clarity I needed to move towards my novel’s completion.”
– Courtney Collins, Author of The Burial, a novel – shortlisted for the Vogel, NSW Premier’s Literary Award for New Writing and Stella Prize.

“Working with Mary Anne, I never stop learning about the craft of writing.”
– Dr Leni Shilton, author of verse novels Walking with Camels and Malcolm.

“It is no exaggeration to say that I would not have written any work for theatre that I am proud of without the support and guidance of Mary Anne.”
– Ciella Williams, playwright, Hush

Mary Anne works with writers across all genres including fiction, non-fiction, memoir, poetry and writing for performance.

Mary Anne will read 2,000-3,000 words of your work followed by a one-hour meeting to discuss it with you. This will help ascertain:
● What you seek from the mentorship
● The potential length of the mentorship
● Compatibility between mentor and mentee
● Your ideal frequency of mentoring meetings

In some cases, this initial session offers enough feedback for the writer to move ahead on their own. There is no pressure to continue with a mentorship.

For those who do want to move into mentorship, we will create a tailored program that fits with your writing goals. Some writers like intensive mentoring, while others prefer a slower process.

Each mentoring session will incorporate:
● Pre-reading of the work you want to discuss in the session
● An in-depth discussion of your work in progress, including any specific issues you’re wrestling with
● Resources and exercises for you to take away in order to further develop the work at hand, as well strengthening your longer-term writing craft.

Cost for an ongoing mentorship is $100 per hour, which includes Mary Anne’s reading time, note-taking plus a 60 minute zoom discussion. As a rough guide, 10,000 words equates to two hours reading and note-taking, hence 10,000 words and a zoom will come to $300.

After each mentoring session you’ll be provided with a time sheet which clearly records all reading and mentoring hours, so you can keep track of mentoring costs as you go.

All sessions take place via Zoom unless arranged otherwise

Mentoring Testimonials