Dina Davis

Dina Davis is an Australian woman writer. She holds an MA in English and Linguistics. Dina is a member of the NTWriters Centre, the NSW Writers’ Centre, and the Australian Society of Authors. Dina won first prize for her short story ‘The Ring’ in the ‘Pave’ competition, and was shortlisted in the NT Literary Awards 2015 for her essay ‘Capriccio: the Lost Poems of Ted Hughes.’ She has been published in several writers’ anthologies.
Dina’s interests include literature, history, and all aspects of human rights. She is passionate about writing, and decided at the age of eight to be an authoress.
Dina divides her time between the Northern Territory and the East Coast of Australia. She has worked as a librarian, yoga teacher, tutor to overseas students, and editor. When she is not writing, Dina attends film festivals, and studies Kabbalah.