Refugees – Living on the Margins


Helen Pavlin grew up in country Victoria with a confused awareness as a child of refugees and DPs (Displaced Persons were then called), migrant camps and concentration camps. In later years, she was to marry someone with experience in all of these. More recently her work with refugees in Queensland gave rise to this small set of poems, her second published collection.

‘Refugees: Living on the Margins touches on the unexpected, the unpredicted, the unprepared reaction of human beings to the horror of the refugee experience. Helen Pavlin’s poetry elucidates realities not included in the text book. This work is brutal in its clarity, powerful in its absence of sentimentality, yet beautifully crafted and poignantly human.’

Paula Peterson – Director – Queensland Program of Assistance to Survivors of Torture and Trauma

“Helen Pavlin turns the flat prose of fact into hard-edged verse that opens up the overwhelming pain f disrupted lives, offering irony along with compassion.’

Hugh Crago, author of ‘A Circle Unbroken’ and ‘A Family in Time’.

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