Cyclone Child: Cyclone Tracy in the Maternity Ward


‘What a delight to read such a fresh collection of truly memorable poetry. It is said “Get yourself a good theme and go for it”. Well, you can’t do much better for a theme than having a baby during Cyclone Tracy. So Jacquie Williams made a good start. Then she applied a lovely talent for words and word-smithing. The poems bring to life the greatest human achievement of them all – give birth – in such an appealing, unpretentious language that we don’t need any other ingredient. But then add the urgency, the trauma, the drama, the fear, the anxiety of the young mother as she endures Cyclone Tracey in the Darwin Hospital, Christmas Eve 1974, and you have a fine part of Northern Territory history. Well done Jacquie Williams.’

Ted Egan AO, Administrator of the Northern Territory

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