Under the Hood with Dan Hogan

Poetry Workshop

Get into the mechanics of writing poetry in this hands-on creative workshop.

Join poet Dan Hogan (Secret Third Thing, Cordite Press 2023) to learn how to dissect your poetry, uncover your strengths and explore creative techniques for generating unexpected new ideas.

This workshop is all about practical creative tools that will enhance your writing and help you understand what’s truly going on “under the hood” of your poetry.

Dan will introduce you to their key writing tools, including cut up techniques and word association to unlock new imagery. You’ll also gain invaluable insight into the redrafting and editing process, drawing on examples from Dan’s own work from before and after publication.


Dan Hogan (they/them) is a writer and editor from San Remo, NSW (Awabakal and Worimi Country). They currently live and work on Dharug and Gadigal Country (Sydney). Dan’s debut book of poetry, Secret Third Thing, was released by Cordite in 2023. Dan’s work has been recognised by the Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize, Val Vallis Award, XYZ Prize, Harri Jones Prize, Woollahra Digital Literary Award, and a Next Chapter fellowship. In their spare time, Dan runs small DIY publisher Subbed In. More of their work can be found at: http://www.2dan2hogan.com/

“What characterises Dan Hogan’s poetry is the way that, each time we come close to fully apprehending the impending collapse of capitalism, we are waylaid by something more urgent and mundane: groceries, emails, calls to Centrelink, traffic jams on the way home from work. When the present is frantic, frenetic and demands our full attention, it becomes the only thing that is real. The tragedy with which we live, in Hogan’s words, is that we resultantly have ‘no time to grieve for lost futures’.” – Eda Gunaydin