Featured Artists

Zak Greive

I am an Aboriginal man born in the Territory, from Tennant Creek. I write fantasy fiction and have written a fantasy/science fiction/romance novel called For All That is Sacred with Jo Tuscano. It’s based 1000 years in the future, where there are three nations at war and people are able to awaken their superhuman abilities hidden in their bloodlines. The story follows Leon, who is conscripted into the war, and is followed by his little sister. It’s a war neither wanted anything to do with. I am also a visual artist and like to draw in black and white in an anime or realistic crossover style, mostly portraits, monsters, creatures or anime characters. Anime and the story of Neon Genesis Evangelion was a huge influence in my life, from the art styles to story driven plots that are psychological in nature and really quite deep.


The Man Who Wasn’t There