David C Curtis

David C. Curtis is an Aboriginal writer of science fiction, paranormal, P.I. and bush stories. Winner of an NT Literary Award in 2008 with ‘What a Fright’ and was runner up in 2010 NT Literary Awards with ‘I’ll Get My Mate’. Also in 2010, ‘On the Wildman’ appeared in This Country Anytime Anywhere: An Anthology of New Indigenous Writing. Other works have been published digitally, with the first ‘Fall from Isen’, being published in the Review of Australian Fiction Volume 8 Issue 3 edition in 2013 and with ‘What Kind Dreaming’ in Black & Write through the QLD Writers Centre. Other sci-fi work includes ‘Jim and Hawk’ that was published in Desert Writing: Stories from Country in 2016 and featured in the National Indigenous Times, and Octavius self-published on Kindle Direct in November 2017.

Jim and Hawk – National Indigenous Times

Jim and Hawk

Fall from Isen – Review of Australian Fiction

RAF 052 Volume 8 Issue 3

Octavius – Amazon Kindle Direct