McCullock’s Gold


L.A. Johannsen


When a pilot reports an abandoned vehicle in the desert country north of the Plenty Highway on Tarlton Down Station, Senior Constable Rick Frazier is sent from Harts Range Station to investigate. His regular assistant is away on tribal business so he calls at Bonya Community to recruit Jack Cadney – a bush mechanic with previous experience as a Police Aide.

Get a taste of the red sand and spinifex country as you head into the desert with Cadney and Frazier. Soon puzzle turns to mystery and mystery to murder as secrets old and new pile up. And when the wily old Twofoot starts stirring the stew-pot with some secrets of his own, Jack Cadney finds himself in a difficult situation with very few options..

This is no TV CSI murder at some million dollar mansion. This is Central Australia. This is the bush.


ISBN 9-781925-086423

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