Make-believe, Magic and Mayhem


Katherinites have a passion to write

And pen sketches in black and white.

Dingos and snakes try to menace

A boy is playing a game of tennis

A strange old man with sardine tins

Two small boys who aren’t really crims

A boy and his horse, a horse and his boy

Or even a horse as a little girl’s toy

Grannies and veggies and odd school staff

And a few other things to make you laugh

And lots of yarns about a dog

They sniff and snuggle and smooch and snog

There’s even a dog name of Ringo

Tho’ in his breeding he’s more like a dingo

Ducks and dragons and flying fox

And lots of animals that don’t fit in a box

A boy who can’t get dressed for school

And many more who can’t follow a rule

So if you are eight or eighty-eight

Please enjoy what we create.

Make-believe, Magic and Mayhem is the seventh book published by the Katherine Region of Writers since the group first formed as the Katherine Literary Guild in the early 1990s.

The anthologies have covered a variety of themes that have featured photos and stories about the 1998 Australia Day Flood, 2002-Year of the Outback, a collection of fiction, and the most recent collection based on a food theme, Chillies, Cheats and Chocolate.

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