Juice: Tim Winton in conversation

Tim Winton is one of Australia’s most acclaimed and celebrated authors. Since having won the Vogel award in 1981 for his first novel, An Open Swimmer, his writing career has spanned over forty years and has seen him collect some of Australia’s most highly prized literary accolades – he is the four time Miles Franklin award recipient for Shallows, Cloudstreet, Dirt Music and Breath, respectively. 

Winton is perhaps best known for the great tenderness he treats his broken characters with and for his vivid and poetic descriptions of Australian land and seascapes. 

Winton, on a national book tour, is in Darwin for one night only, to talk about his latest book, Juice, which shows Winton a new, never-seen-before light. 

Do not miss hearing Tim discuss his latest book Juice. There will be time for questions from the audience as well as book signings. The Bookshop Darwin will have Juice available for purchase at the event. 

About Juice 

Two fugitives, a man and a child, drive all night across a stony desert. As dawn breaks, they roll into an abandoned mine site. From the vehicle they survey a forsaken place – middens of twisted iron, rusty wire, piles of sun-baked trash. They’re exhausted, traumatised, desperate now. But as a refuge, this is the most promising place they’ve seen. The child peers at the field of desolation. The man thinks to himself, this could work.

Problem is, they’re not alone.

So begins a searing, propulsive journey through a life whose central challenge is not simply a matter of survival, but of how to maintain human decency as everyone around you falls ever further into barbarism.