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Sally Balfour

Sally Balfour has been immersed in Territory folk music since before she could walk so it is little wonder she has found her way to the stage as a singer-songwriter. Her voice has the vastness of the desert crossed with the rains of the wet season, while her lyrics are captivating, sometimes witty, sometimes serious, drawing you in and keeping you mesmerised.

Sally Balfour’s debut alt-folk-country EP has been ten years in the making and is an assortment of tunes exploring different forms of love. Although Sally is relatively fresh to releasing music she has received commendation for her tracks Nothing Short of a Mess and Mango (from her kid’s album) becoming a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, while closer to home her first ever single, Calling Me Home took out number nine in the Territory Sounds Countdown in 2021.

Early 2021 also saw Sally release her debut children’s album Clara Crocodile. Clara Crocodile is a multi-genre, musical journey and a unique NT story recorded in Mparntwe, Alice Springs featuring local musicians like Ted Egan, Warren H Williams, Dave Crowe (Resin Moon) and Xavia.


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