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Mike Warangula Tjakamarra

Tjakamarra came into manhood at Papunya during the 1970s. He is closely related to
several of the artists who pioneered contemporary desert art. In 1978, his father Johnny
Warangula Tjupurrula and uncle, Dick Pantimus Tjupurrula, established an outstation at
Ilpili, in the Ehrenberg Ranges far to the west of Papunya. Tjakamarra later worked with the outstation movement, supplying materials and food to a constellation of clan-based
communities. Tjakamarra retains a keen interest in his family’s history, from precontact
times through to the present. He is actively engaged with the Central Lands Council and
frequently visits, (often by helicopter), the sites where his ancestors resided. Mike
Warangula Tjakamarra lives at Yamunturrngu (Mt Liebig). He was a vital contributor to DOT, CIRCLE & FRAME: The Making of Papunya Tula Art.


Dot, Circle, Frame