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JURAN, a soulful artist from Tropical Darwin, blends inventiveness with captivating allure in her music, exploring themes of love and the human psyche. Raised in Aotearoa, she draws inspiration from a range of genres and her cultural heritage, finding her voice in church before moving to Australia in 2009.

Since then, Juran has released singles and EPs, earning accolades like a pop song of the year nomination in 2022. Her dynamic performances, including a memorable show at the Sydney Opera House, have solidified her presence in the Australian music scene.

In 2023, she collaborated with top Northern Territory musicians and co-created the award-winning show “Manifesto of Salt Water Women.” Now, with her debut album “Demons” set for release in 2024, Juran’s journey of self-discovery continues. The album’s first single, “Merry Go Round,” showcases her talent alongside local luminaries like James Mangohig and Caiti Baker.

Juran’s versatility extends beyond solo work; she’s a guitarist for the punk band ‘Mr Chrisy Mertas’ and part of the upcoming hip-hop duo ‘Clink’ with Caiti Baker. Collaborations with NT-based talents like Yirrmal and Emily Wurramara further highlight her as a rising star. As her artistry evolves, Juran’s electrifying vocals promise an emotional journey that resonates deeply, earning comparisons to Jorja Smith and Solange. Her ascent in the music world is undeniable, and witnessing her growth in the years ahead is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

(Image by Matt McLean)


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