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Judith Lovell

Jude Lovell is a first generation Australian and an academic practitioner with a background in public arts and arts in health. This has influenced her longstanding collaborations with Eastern Arrernte artist, Kathleen Kemarre Wallace, with whom she has collaborated for over 15 years, her wider research, and consolidated a belief in the beneficial powers of collaboration and creative practice. Together Wallace and Lovell produced the book of Wallace’s paintings, stories, and life story in Listen Deeply, let these stories in (2009). Most recently they brought together a series of public works in response to the project Monumental in a small-town way which attracted some 20 co-respondents to explore themes of identity, perception, and stories of (this) place. Wallace and Lovell have explored the ethic of transcultural design in a lino print called Monstrous Breaches (2018-limited edition) and have published a journal article exploring the ethic of transcultural collaboration in art and story-making.


Campfire Stories

Listening Deeply, Retelling the Journey