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Incite Arts: stArts with D Ensemble

Based in Mparntwe/Alice Springs, stArts with D is a disability-led performance ensemble who collaborate, create and present original works celebrating identity, place and belonging since 2013. A program of Incite Arts, which enriches the lives of Central Australians through community-engaged arts practice, stArts with D take control of how they are portrayed as individuals and as a group, embracing their cultural and disability identities. A truly inspiring mob of Central Australian artists

The stArts with D Performance Ensemble have been significant contributors to Unbroken Land, a performative community event that provides a platform for collective community storytelling, since 2015 when the performers presented solo works for the first time. In 2023 the Ensemble presented a new multi-art, immersive celebration event: Strong Feelings to share with new audiences.

stArts with D ensemble performers in ‘Listen’ and ‘There was a River’:

Brandon Williams 

Lance Gill

Tiffany Malthouse

Caleb McMillan

Isaac Trew

Janice Caroll

Christopher Day

Fabian Miller

Lizzie Trew

Stuart Keech

Zachary Andrews

Michael Wallace


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