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Genevieve Campbell

Across 30 years as a professional horn player, Genevieve Campbell has played in opera, symphony and music theatre orchestras, in jazz bands, marching bands and pop bands, on soundtracks, on tour and on television. In 2007 she met the Tiwi Strong Women’s group and with them co-founded Ngarukuruwala (We sing), bringing Tiwi and non-Tiwi musicians together in collaborative composition, performance and recording. That led to the repatriation to the Tiwi community of ethnographic field recordings of Tiwi ceremony and song archived at AIATSIS in Canberra, and, with senior singers, creating the first written musicological analysis and notated transcription of classical Tiwi melodies. Recent post-doctoral research as a Sydney University Fellow, working with the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the Sydney Environment Institute and Tiwi song custodians has focussed on the role of Tiwi song and oral, embodied and performative knowledge systems in cultural maintenance, artistic creativity and social health and spiritual wellbeing.


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