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Doris Stuart Kngwarreye

Doris Stuart Kngwarreye’s family have lived alongside the Todd River for countless generations.

She is an Mparntwe-arenye woman. Apmereke artweye for Mparntwe (Alice Springs).

Alice Springs is built on Arrernte country, in the heart of Central Australia at a place called Mparntwe, belonging to the Mparntwe-arenye people.

Over the past 150 years or so a small town has grown in the heart of the ranges, alongside Lhere Mparntwe (Todd River), to accommodate the settlers and visitors to this spectacular landscape. Alice Springs has grown much in its short history but beneath the streets of this modern desert town lies a much longer story.

Doris and her family continue to maintain strong connections to over a hundred sacred sites in this small area we call Mparntwe.


From Alice to Mparntwe